Service Philosophy

The Children's Preschool believes every child has the right to a happy childhood filled with beautiful memories through a loving, nurturing environment supported by educators and families working collaboratively, understanding the uniqueness, essence, complexities and sometimes challenges in the early years. In partnership, we will embrace the "here and now" in children’s lives, foster a sense of belonging, and rejoice in their being and who they are becoming.  
We aim to promote a strong sense of wellbeing, interdependence, optimism, and aspiration. We will guide and develop children in their abilities as knowledgeable and critical thinkers to become compassionate, sustainable global citizens and future leaders. 
Our Vision is to ensure that all children in our education and care learn about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ cultures and perspectives alongside Western curriculums and develop the skills, knowledge and empathy to be future pioneers for change alongside First Nations peoples.  
The Theoretical perspectives that underpin the service philosophy and practice include Bronfenbrenner's Ecological Systems Theory, Reggio Emilia, Erikson, Vygotsky, Gardner's Multiple Intelligences, Forest Schools, and current research. The Australian National Early Years Learning Framework Belonging, Being and Becoming, the National Quality Framework, National Education and Care Regulations and The United Nations Convention, The Rights of the Child. 
It was reviewed with the educators, children, and families at The Children's Preschool.  
Revised March 2023

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