Q & A

Questions often asked by families...

 Can I visit The Children's Preschool?
 Yes, we look forward to meeting you.
 We welcome you and your child to view our beautiful program, there’s a few things you   need to know beforehand.
 Each child’s wellbeing is central to everything we do at TCP. Our TCP team are hands on   with the education and care of all the children daily, therefore if you wish to place your   child on the TCP waiting list, we ask that you attend a ‘Parent Tour’.
 Parent Tours are an informative way to get to know our school. They are held fortnightly   from 10:00am to 10:45am. During this time you will have the opportunity to meet and talk   with TCP educators, see the children in their learning environment, meet likeminded   parents visiting and perhaps chat with a current family member. Book your 'Parent Tour' 

 We ask that you prepare for your visit at TCP by reading this website and by viewing our   TCP Facebook page here 

 If you would like to talk to someone, Jessica is available in the office on Tuesday and   Friday from 9:30am to 3:30pm and is happy to help. Alternatively, you can email us at     info@thechildrenspreschool.com.au

 The Nitty gritty stuff...... 

 How much is the daily fee?

 How many children attend daily?
 We are licenced for 39 children each day. 

 What are the ages of the children that attend?
 Children are aged 3 years to 5 years.

 What time does the centre open and close?
 8:30am to 4:30pm, Monday to Friday.

 How many weeks is the centre open?
 48 weeks

 When do you close?
 We close for 4 weeks, during the holiday period from December to January.

 What are the educator to child ratios?
 In NSW the ratios for children aged 3 years to 5 years are 1 educator:10 children
 We offer above the national requirement for educator to child ratios.

 Are the educators qualified?
 All educators hold either a Certificate III, Diploma in Early Education or a University   Degree in Early Childhood.

 How long has the centre been open? 
 The Children's Preschool has been open since February 2015. However, the service and   building has a long history in Glenhaven and was established in 1998. 

 How long have staff and educators been employed at the centre? 
 Though service management changed, Clarissa has been the Director and Teacher for 17   years, becoming the owner and reopening as The Children's Preschool in 2015. 
 Our longest serving staff member is  Kerry, who has been has been working at this service   for 21 years. Ashleigh is our shortest serving team member, being with our team for three   years. 

 Is the Child Care Subsidy available?
 Yes, The Children's Preschool is an 'Approved Service'.
 Families are responsible for organising their own Child Care subsidy through   Centrelink   to receive these benefits.  

 Do I have to pay for sick days or when my child is on holidays? 
 Fees are payable for everyday of your child's enrolment, including sick days and holidays. 

 Do I have to pay for Public Holidays? 
 Yes, Families are required to pay for everyday of their child's enrolment, including Public   Holidays. Centrelink provides for 42 allowable absences per year, inclusive of  Public   Holidays.
 As a courtesy, if your child's enrolled day falls on a Public Holiday, TCP will offer you a   make up day. 

 Can my child attend one day of preschool? 
 Our 'Attendance Policy' is that children attend a minimum of 2 days per week.  This   enables children to develop confidence in the educational program and build secure   relationships with peers and educators.

 What days do you have available?
 Our attendance patterns are as follows: 
  •   Monday, Tuesday or Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
  •   Thursday, Friday or Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 
 This offers children consistency and predictability to engage in the learning program with   those children who share the same day and develop relationships. 

 Do I have to provide food?
 Yes, families provide morning tea and lunch for their children.  TCP fosters a "Low waste   Nude Food Policy and will guide you in ensuring healthy meals and water is provided. 

 How do I dress my child for school? 
  • Children need to be dressed appropriately for gardening, painting, physical activity e.g.  yoga, aerobic exercise, dancing, painting, water, cooking, sand and mud exploration. 
  • We suggest shorts and t-shirt ( sun smart) for all children.
  • Dresses with shoestring straps are not permitted as these are not approved by the  Cancer Council as sun safe clothing and a dress/skirt limits exercise possibilities. 
  • Your child will be provided with a TCP hat on their first day. 
  • In Summer, pack sun safe swim wear, a towel and wet pack. 
  • In Winter, your child should dress in layers, have a big warm parker and gumboots. 

What if I do not want my child to get dirty or have paint on their clothes? 
  • Your child will get dirty in their play. It is unavoidable. Research in the early years   supports children's engagement with water, mud, clay, sand, gardening, playdough, cooking and paint for their mental wellbeing and development. 
  •  Our environment provides opportunities for children to choose their experiences   independently. Paint smocks are available but children may forget to wear them. 

 Is there a planned educational program? 
 Yes, the school program is play based.
 Children will engage in a range of intentionally planned,spontaneous and child led,   inquiry from 9am to 3pm. These include:
  •  Environmental studies
  •  Biology, Life Science
  •  Earth Science
  •  Physical  Science
  •  Technology
  •  Mathematics 
  •  Engineering
  •  Literacy (reading and writing)
  •  Creative Art (Dance, Drawing, Socio-Dramatic play, Painting, Sculpture, Designing)
  • Australian Culture 
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander studies
 We equip children with knowledge to develop their social and emotional intelligence   through our play based program that centres around empowering children with life skills   to  reduce, reuse, recycle, repair be respectful, be responsible and engage in reflection.   Incorporated daily are conversations and experiences in nutrition, physical health, fitness
 and nurturing the children's mental wellbeing. 

 What school readiness activities do you provide? 
  • Transition to school encompasses the subject areas stated above in our educational  program. Transition to school is much more than a child being academically ready.  Children's social and emotional development should be at the forefront of determining school readiness. 
  • Our educators will work with each family and child closely as they prepare for their journey into the schooling years.
  • We want to ensure that your child is happy, confident and loves to learn. 
 Will my child learn to write?
  • Your child will learn to write but first they need to have lots of other things happen, like strong fine motor muscles in their fingers for writing and hand eye coordination. 
  • They will go through stages of mark making in their drawing development, scribbles, lines, shapes, a person and many more creative drawings. 
  • Drawing is the first step towards writing. 
  • Each child will develop in their own time. 
 Do the children spend much time outdoors? 
  • Our program is guided by the weather and children are able to access the indoor and   outdoor program from 8:30am to 4:30pm.
  • Our school playground offers lots of learning potential. Firstly, it is a most beautiful and   serene natural play space. Every day in the garden provides some form of new learning   with the seasons, weather, the plant life and the living creatures that inhabit our shared  land. 
  •  Weather permitting we will spend most of our time outdoors, varied only by the seasons   and in response to temperature, wind, bushfires, smoke and electrical/hail storms.
  •  We will guide you to dress your child appropriately for play in all types of weather. 

 My child has an additional need. What support do you offer? 
 We may be able to access support through the NSW Inclusion Agency to ensure that your   child is included in every aspect of the daily program. We can also assist you with   referrals  to allied health practitioners and early intervention specialists. 

 Do the staff have first aid training? 
 Yes. All staff have a current First Aid Certificate, current CPR Certificate and current   certification in Asthma, Allergies and Anaphylaxis. 

 How do you cater for children with allergies? 
 We are an 'Allergy Aware' centre. Educators apply a risk management plan in   collaboration  with families to ensure every child's health and safety. A very important   step in our plan is educating all the children how to keep each other safe and we provide   every child with the necessary knowledge and they are skilled at caring for their friends.

 How will TCP communicate with me about my child's day? 
  • We use a digital platform called 'Kinderloop’. It is an app, which enables conversations between TCP and you our family, that is safe, secure, effective and accessible through any smart device or pc. 
  •  Reflections, observations and evaluation of our programs are published each day for   families to read, respond to and share.
 The most important question is....
 What are your hopes and dreams for your child's early school experience? 


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